What is One Neuron?

This is a new OTT platform for education, where you can get all of your educational needs met at the touch of a button. Furthermore, you will have the ability to raise your demand for any new course, and it will be delivered, with many integrated out-of-the-box services and much-needed hand-holding till you achieve success in your career.

What do we offer?

Here you’ll find 100+ courses and 500+ ready-to-use resumes, as well as career counselling, support services, option to raise your demand, interview preparation, and much more.


Education as a service

Weekly content updates and projects from iNeuron.


Roadmap to your career

A roadmap and hand-holding to help you accomplish your career objectives.


Raise your demand

Your quest for any project, as well as your voice for a suitable resume, career counselling, and new courses, will be fulfilled here, and that’s a promise!


Access to innovation lab

You will have access to our cutting-edge AI laboratory and will be able to collaborate with us at any moment to be a part of the AI revolution.

Resume support

Our experts will help you craft a resume that will assist you in securing your dream job.

Career guidance

At any point throughout your job search, you can seek advice from professionals.

Mock interview

Make an appointment for a mock interview with us to boost your chances of interview success.

1 to 1 with the mentor

Get personalized advice from our mentors for your next step.

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