iNeuron Launched Oneneuron OTT Platform For Education

What is One Neuron?

This is a new OTT platform for education, where you can get all of your educational needs met at the touch of a button. Furthermore, you will have the ability to raise your demand for any new course, and it will be delivered, with many integrated out-of-the-box services and much-needed hand-holding till you achieve success in your career.

iNeuron has launched Oneneuron OTT platform for Education where in you will be able to get 230+ advanced Tech courses which includes Data Science, Blockchain, Full Stack Web Development and many more at 7080 Rs Inr or 99$

If you are looking for affordable tech course such as data science, machine learning, deep learning,cloud and many more you can go ahead with iNeuron oneneuron platform where you will able to get 200+ tech courses at an affordable price for a lifetime access.

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